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Three Ways to Prevent Payment Card Application Abandonment

(New York, NY) Online payment card application abandonment is common, but can be curbed. Auriemma’s latest issue of Mobile Pay Tracker found that 49% of credit cardholders have abandoned an online card application, and that those who abandon only completed one-third of the applications they started, on average, in the past 12 months. However, Auriemma’s […]

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How Loyalty Perks Unlock Hotel Co-Brand Card Potential

(New York, NY) Co-branded hotel credit cards earn consumers exclusive benefits and rewards tailored to brands they love. They function similarly to proprietary rewards cards, but there are several unique factors that inspire hotel card acquisition, usage, and loyalty. Auriemma Group’s latest issue of Cardbeat US delves into co-brand credit cards and loyalty programs, uncovering […]

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Comfortability with AI Solutions Signals New Era in Financial Advice

(New York, NY) Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to expand, with recent advancements in the technology being offered directly to consumers. The capabilities of AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, raise questions about the future of AI, and its integration into banking and payment experiences. Auriemma Group’s latest issue of The Payments Report reveals current usage levels of […]

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