NEW REPORT: Auriemma Publishes W3-2023 Issue of Mobile Pay Tracker

Auriemma recently published the W3-2023 Mobile Pay Tracker report. The shift to mobile payments may change where people shop, where they pay, and the overall balance sheet of the payments system. This report tracks and compares Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay as well as investigating a wide range of mobile payment services, such as P2P payments, bank and merchant-branded wallets, and online checkout options.

New this wave:

  • Online travel agencies
  • Branded cards
  •  Digital shopping experiences
  • Embedded payments in cars
  •  Alternate authentication options

From this report:

Survey Methodology

2,305 web interviews were conducted in the US among Apple Pay (n=1,146), Google Pay (n=439), and Samsung Pay eligible (n=720) respondents from December 11-22, 2023.

Respondents were screened to own an Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay eligible device. All respondents also have a general purpose credit card in their own name.

Respondents were recruited from the YouGov US consumer panel and Dynata’s (previously called Survey Sampling International) panel. Field work was conducted by YouGov. The purpose of the research was not disclosed, nor did respondents know the criteria for qualifying.

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