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We are Auriemma

We’re one of the most recognized and respected niche providers of advisory services to the Consumer Payments and Lending industries. For over 35 years, we’ve helped card issuers, merchants, co-brand partners, payment networks, fintechs, and others improve profitability, explore new markets, build winning partnerships, conclude successful transactions, and understand customer’s needs. We offer specialized expertise and deep experiences in an open and honest atmosphere imbued with the highest concern for client confidentiality. Auriemma provides top tier consulting with a boutique firm flavor.

The Auriemma Advantage

We are industry practitioners with unmatched expertise.
Deep experience in deal creation | Former industry professionals | Cross-functional knowledge


The Leader in Building Winning Payment Programs

Clients that work with us benefit from a team with unmatched industry experience. The result? Co-brand and private label programs that deliver great outcomes – for brands, partners, and consumers.


Consumer Research Designed by Payments Experts

Our research team works with members to customize topic selection, survey design, and analysis. Our ongoing research model and direct channel to consumers means continuous insight into market trends and faster speed to insight for our members.


Innovative Strategies that Unlock Capital

Auriemma helps clients solve their most complex business challenges by uncovering new possibilities in finance. And with deep industry expertise, we know how to turn those opportunities into new sources of growth for your business.


Executive Communities for Sharing Business Insight

Forums give leading companies access to the right people and data to help them optimize business practices, maximize efficiency, and navigate complexity. Members get solutions, measurable ROI, and a roadmap for the future.

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(New York, NY) Over the past few years, post-purchase issuer-provided installment plans have surged in popularity, thanks to offerings like American Express Plan It, My Chase Plan, and Mastercard Installments. Recent data from Auriemma Group’s…
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Does Buy Now, Pay Later Cannibalize Private Label Credit Cards?

(New York, NY) In the ever-evolving landscape of retail finance, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is reshaping the way consumers approach their borrowing and purchasing decisions. As store card ownership wanes, BNPL has emerged as a compelling option…
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What’s Next for UK Challenger Banks?

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The Future of AI in Retail Banking Operations

(London, UK) Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key focus for retail banking operations in recent months. Auriemma Group’s latest series of roundtables tackled the ever-growing space, discussing current usage of AI solutions and…
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