About Auriemma Group

We’re one of the most recognized and respected niche providers of advisory services to the Consumer Payments and Lending industries. For over 35 years, we’ve helped card issuers, merchants, co-brand partners, payment networks, fintechs, and others improve profitability, explore new markets, build winning partnerships, conclude successful transactions, and understand customer’s needs. We offer specialized expertise and deep experiences in an open and honest atmosphere imbued with the highest concern for client confidentiality. Auriemma provides top tier consulting with a boutique firm flavor.

Bringing together people, data, and ideas to create breakthroughs

Auriemma is a family of practices with offices located in the heart of the world’s two financial capitals, New York and London. Our reach extends to clients all over the globe, having successfully delivered projects on six continents. We provide information and advisory services in four areas.

  • Roundtables – Executive communities sharing insights that improve business practices
  • Partnerships – The industry leader in building winning partnerships
  • Research – Consumer research designed by payments experts
  • Finance – Experts in credit card portfolio valuation and innovative financial strategies



Benchmark Studies
Published Annually



Consumers Surveyed Annually



Partnership and Corporate
Finance Transactions Completed

Auriemma’s team is led by industry practitioners, not lifelong consultants

Our clients represent the broad spectrum of payments—from startups to established players

We value respect, accountability, and support in our internal and external interactions

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