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The Future of AI in Retail Banking Operations

(London, UK) Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key focus for retail banking operations in recent months. Auriemma Group’s latest series of roundtables tackled the ever-growing space, discussing current usage of AI solutions and how members plan to utilize AI to further enhance their offerings.

“There’s a significant amount of interest in AI across all operational areas,” says Nicole Toussaint, Senior Manager of Industry Roundtables at Auriemma. “Although we’re seeing some hesitation in deploying it, I expect we’ll see some big moves by industry players over the coming months.”

Across all operational areas, firms are hoping to leverage AI to assist front-line employees with navigating their knowledge management systems. This would hopefully improve the accuracy of agent work and help to reduce lengthy training periods. Additionally, firms are considering using the tool enterprise-wide to produce meeting minutes and to assist in communications drafting.

In the Collections and Recoveries space, firms hope to use the tool in their contact strategies. Roundtable members believe that AI can make their contact more effective by creating more bespoke strategies. The technology can help firms decide the optimal time to contact customers, the most effective channel to make contact, and the most engaging messaging and content to use.

Fraud Departments see an opportunity to use AI to improve their current fraud detection models to identify bad actors and fraudulent payments more quickly. Several firms have already partnered with vendors who provide AI-powered fraud mitigation tools.

On the Servicing side, firms are discussing improvements to their chatbot offerings. Currently, many chatbots are FAQ-based, but firms believe that AI can revolutionise the chatbot experience and improve satisfaction scores in the channel.

“We see a clear opportunity to leverage AI to provide dynamic call scripting to front-line agents,” says Toussant. “This would take some of the pressure off agents when servicing and allow banks to provide a more tailored, well-informed customer experience.”

In the Disputes and Chargebacks space, one firm is already using an AI-integrated optical character resolution (OCR) tool to read customer documents provided as proof in a disputes case. Many firms hope to use AI to gain efficiencies in the disputes process. They believe that the tool can help guide agent decisions as they work cases by pulling in bank, scheme, and regulatory policies.

Similarly, in the Complaints space, members see an opportunity for AI to help complaints agents while investigating. AI can not only analyse the materials provided by the complainant but also bring in insights from previously decisioned cases and Financial Ombudsman (FOS) decisions. In this process, the technology can also guide the agent in classifying the complaint type. Some also noted that AI could potentially assist agents with drafting final response letters.

This topic is expected to become an evergreen topic at Auriemma Roundtable meetings, especially as firms identify new use cases and as Auriemma brings in experts from the field to drive further thought leadership.

The next set of roundtable meetings are scheduled for June and July at the Edwardian Hotel in Manchester. If you or any of your colleagues are interested in attending as our guests, please contact us via roundtables@auriemma.group.

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