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Three Ways to Prevent Payment Card Application Abandonment

(New York, NY) Online payment card application abandonment is common, but can be curbed. Auriemma’s latest issue of Mobile Pay Tracker found that 49% of credit cardholders have abandoned an online card application, and that those who abandon only completed one-third of the applications they started, on average, in the past 12 months. However, Auriemma’s research also identified three ways to mitigate application abandonment—pre-approved offers, email and text reminders, and by thoughtfully communicating value proposition elements.

1) Pre-approved offers can encourage applicants fearing rejection to complete their card application.

One-in-ten of those who have abandoned an online payment card application did so for fear of being rejected. This proportion increases to 33% among those with FICO scores less than 670. Pre-approvals could help facilitate application completion for those unsure of their approval odds.

According to the Q2-2023 issue of Cardbeat US, 70% of credit cardholders say they are likely to apply for a new credit card if preapproved. This is especially true for cash back and point card applications.

“While some applicants may be attracted to a card’s value proposition, they may think the card is out of reach,” says Jonathan O’Connor, Senior Manager of Research at Auriemma. “A preapproved offer could be the tipping point that is the difference between application abandonment and completion.”

2) Following up by email or text greatly increases application completion odds.

Over four-in-ten cardholders who have abandoned an online payment card application say they received an email or text reminder that they started but did not finish the application. And this reminder led 45% of them to complete at least one of their outstanding applications.

“While reasons for application abandonment vary, some have more to do with technical or application-centric issues,” says O’Connor. “Reminders allow those who abandoned in frustration the opportunity to complete a process they may have always intended to finish.”

However, reminders do not always work on the first try. On average, those who completed an application following a reminder email or text say that they received over three communications before completing an abandoned application.

3) Make sure communications provide new, valuable information.

Email or text payment card application reminders can be helpful to some, but most want these communications to include new, valuable information. 73% of credit cardholders agree that to be valuable reminders should include fresh details about the card such as new introductory offers, rewards, or benefits.

“Providing increased value or reminding applicants of strong rewards and benefits can offset what otherwise may be seen as an irritating message,” says O’Connor. “While these types of communications are seen as an annoyance to some, offering an opt-out option while emphasizing new details or lesser-known features can motivate application completion without alienating your potential cardholder.”

Online payment card application abandonment is a challenge that can be effectively addressed through strategic measures. By enacting these three strategies, issuers can mitigate application abandonment and foster stronger connections with prospective cardholders, ultimately benefiting issuers and cardholders alike.

Survey Methodology

Mobile Pay Tracker

This Auriemma Group study was conducted online within the US by an independent field service provider on behalf of Auriemma Group (Auriemma) in August 2023 among 2,151 adult Apple Pay, Google Pay, and/or Samsung Pay eligible credit cardholders. The number of interviews completed for both is sufficient to allow for statistical significance testing among sub-groups at the 95% confidence level ±5%, unless otherwise noted. The purpose of the research was not disclosed, nor did respondents know the criteria for qualifying.

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