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(London):  Fair treatment of vulnerable customers has been high on banks’ agendas since the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued guidance in 2015. In the three years since, financial institutions have invested time, money, and effort to identify and improve outcomes for customers in vulnerable situations.

Vulnerable consumers, or those whose personal circumstances make them especially susceptible to detriment, make up 2.4% of credit card accounts and 3% of balances, on average, according to Auriemma’s UK Card Collections and Recoveries Benchmark. However, the size of vulnerable populations varies widely based on portfolio composition and other factors, with some issuers reporting larger populations.

Until recently, vulnerability was tied to debt collection, as there is a natural correlation between vulnerable customers and those in arrears. Now, attention has shifted to proactively identify vulnerable consumers across the product lifecycle, with more precise treatment applied based on customers’ personal circumstances.

“Vulnerability is an increasingly complex concept and cannot be treated as a binary phenomenon,” said Louis Stevens, Director of Auriemma’s UK Roundtables practice. “While card issuers recognize the benefit of having a standardised definition for vulnerability across the industry, it’s virtually impossible to capture all the grey areas with a single, uniform classification system.”

Here are three ways financial institutions are taking a more targeted and holistic approach to address customer vulnerability:

Proactively identifying vulnerable customers. While customers in arrears tend to be more vulnerable, issuers are embedding their approach across more functions of the organisation. Over the past year, the focus has shifted toward identifying potential vulnerability, regardless of where the customer is located within the lifecycle. For example, Customer Service teams are now tasked with identifying triggers or clues to vulnerability, such as a mention of illness, and proactively monitoring potentially vulnerable customers even if they make payments on time.

“By definition, vulnerable customers are anyone who can suffer difficulty, and it’s the job of financial institutions to identify and rehabilitate that,” Stevens said.

Tailoring treatment to individuals. While the FCA defines vulnerability broadly, financial institutions have developed more precise definitions to meet non-standard needs across a diverse customer base. Most card issuers use two broad categories to determine severity – for example, “soft” vs. “hard,” “temporary” vs. “permanent,” – with further sub-categories to capture the nuances of a customer’s situation. In fact, issuers may have 20 or more classes of vulnerability to ensure a flexible, tailored response. For example, a customer with hearing or visual impairment may need special assistance to complete routine payments. These cases may not typically be indicative of financial difficulty but can be a sign of vulnerability.

Maintaining a flexible exit strategy. Effectively dealing with short-term vulnerability, such as temporary unemployment, is another key consideration for financial institutions. In particular, it’s important to have a defined exit process for customers who move out of a vulnerable situation, to ensure vulnerability treatment is accurately applied and customer care efforts are appropriately prioritised. Card issuers are taking steps to establish regular contact to monitor the customer’s situation and ensure timely removal of vulnerability flags for rehabilitated customers.

“Anyone can find themselves in vulnerable circumstances,” Stevens said. “Financial institutions will continue to reevaluate their vulnerability strategies to ensure a culture of empathy, support, and inclusion.”


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