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Consumers More Pessimistic About Financial Health as Cost-of-Living Crisis Intensifies

(London, UK): Consumer expectations for future financial stability is worsening, with many looking to credit cards for support during the cost-of-living crisis. According to Auriemma Group’s latest issue of Cardbeat UK, 37% of cardholders believe their financial health will worsen in the next 6 months. Gen Z and younger Millennials express greater optimism about their […]

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How Rising Cost of Living is Impacting Spend and Borrowing Habits

(London, UK): Rising costs for fuel, energy, food shops and housing are already impacting consumers around the UK, but many believe this is only the beginning. According to Auriemma Group’s latest issue of Cardbeat UK, 73% of credit cardholders expect the rising cost of living to have a negative impact on their personal finances over the […]

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How High Street Banks May Benefit from Incoming Buy Now, Pay Later Regulation

(London, UK): Incoming FCA regulation could add restrictions on how consumers can use Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services, but these changes may be welcome. According to Auriemma Group’s latest issue of Cardbeat UK, there was an 80% increase in negative experiences with BNPL plans between September 2020 and July 2021. The increase is uniform across […]

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COVID-19’s Impact on Travel Has Shifted Consumer Loyalty Needs

(London, UK) Perceptions of loyalty points and miles redemptions has shifted in the wake of COVID-19. The lack of opportunity to travel since the beginning of COVID-19 is eroding the appeal of travel-related benefits from UK loyalty programmes. According to Auriemma’s latest research, 76% of credit cardholders enrolled in a loyalty scheme prefer to use […]

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