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(New York, NY) Mobile payments give cardholders the chance to lighten their physical wallet, but those in states like Arizona and Maryland may be able to go without a wallet altogether. In March, Apple announced that Arizona would be the first state to offer its locals the opportunity to digitally store their driver’s license or state ID in the Apple Wallet, and Maryland soon followed. But what impact, if any, will this have on mobile payment usage overall?

Auriemma Group’s latest Mobile Pay Tracker study found that ID provisioning could increase mobile payment usage notably. According to the research, 67% of mobile payment users and 20% of non-users would be interested in adding an ID to their mobile wallet. And nearly half of those interested say having an ID available in their mobile pay wallet would make them use it more. This is particularly striking among non-users, 45% of whom would begin using mobile payments as a result.

“With the addition of IDs, mobile wallets take one step closer to being a physical wallet substitute,” says Jaclyn Holmes, Director of Research at Auriemma Group. “Though we don’t anticipate mobile wallets to fully replace physical ones, this addition will make leaving home without one a greater possibility should your state provide the option.”

However, mobile payments have some work to do if they want to convert naysayers. 62% of those uninterested in adding an ID to their mobile wallet say they don’t like the idea of having all their personal information saved to one device, and 50% don’t think it would be secure. Over half of these cardholders also don’t trust mobile wallets enough to leave their physical ID at home, saying they would still carry it with them anyway.

When looking at those interested in adding their ID to a mobile wallet, however, 69% are comfortable leaving their physical ID behind. This is most prominent among younger cardholders, suggesting that over time comfort may increase.

“Mobile payments already allow consumers to add their payment cards, plane tickets, membership cards, and more,” says Holmes. “Adding IDs is the next logical step and is likely to promote mobile payment usage overall. As issuers consider their relationship to mobile payments, it would be worthwhile for them to envision a future where digital wallets are more commonplace, even if only supplemental to the physical wallet.”

Survey Methodology

Mobile Pay Tracker

This Auriemma Group study was conducted online within the US by an independent field service provider on behalf of Auriemma Group (Auriemma) in July 2022 among 2,182 adult mobile pay eligible credit cardholders. The number of interviews completed for both is sufficient to allow for statistical significance testing among sub-groups at the 95% confidence level ±5%, unless otherwise noted. The purpose of the research was not disclosed, nor did respondents know the criteria for qualifying.

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