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UK Cardholders Lack Understanding of Instalment Plan APRs
June 18, 2020

Cardholders were asked to evaluate the truth of various statements about instalment plans, and their impact on one’s credit score. In fact, the highest levels of uncertainty were with instalment plan APRs—most UK credit cardholders don’t know how they function with instalment plan products.

UK Instalment Plan Users tend to be Repeat Customers
June 16, 2020

Those who have enrolled in an instalment plan tend to have enrolled in more than one, and often are managing multiple payment plans at any given time. Players wishing to expand their reach and footprint within the instalment lending space may see a high take rate among existing instalment users, compared to brand new customers.

Revolvers and Young Cardholders Drive Interest in Instalment Plans
June 12, 2020

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