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Our autumn set of roundtable meetings are taking shape, and we would welcome you and your team to join us as our guest.

The dates for the upcoming meetings are:

  • Fraud Control Roundtable – 2nd and 3rd November – Manchester
  • Customer Service and Complaints Roundtable – 15th and 16th November – Birmingham
  • Collections and Recoveries Roundtable – 23rd and 24th November – Birmingham

Roundtable meetings provide a unique environment for the industry to openly discuss challenges, concerns, best practices, learnings and more, whilst networking amongst peers.

Agendas are entirely sourced from those who attend and prioritised accordingly, so you can be sure that the subjects currently pertinent to you are covered.

If you or your colleagues are interested in joining for any of the above sessions, please contact nicole.toussaint@auriemma.group.

(London, UK) The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) New Consumer Duty went into full effect on the 31st of July 2023. Auriemma  Industry Roundtable members have been eager to collaborate with one another on how the regulation could affect each operational area and on what changes they are prioritising. At each meeting this year, roundtable members shared department-specific plans for tackling Consumer Duty as well as greater, overall objectives.

Collections and Recoveries Roundtable members are aligned in their focus on ensuring their forbearance toolkits are fit for purpose – with 23% of members introducing new forbearance options for struggling customers. Additionally, 54% of members indicated an intent to make changes to their supplier-oversight strategies—another focus area of the regulation.

“Our Customer Service members are hyper focused on communication structure and readability,” says Louis Stevens, Auriemma Industry Roundtables Director, “They are reviewing their entire communications catalogue and leveraging external partners to ensure verbiage meets the average UK reading and numerology levels.” To further ensure comprehension, many are also utilising customer research groups.

Complaints and Disputes departments alike are improving the customer experience around submitting a complaint/claim. They have increased the number of touchpoints to keep customers updated on the progress of their claim, with 15% of roundtable members intending to introduce text message updates as part of their journeys. As with Customer Service teams, 46% also intends to change their communication content, especially with complaints.

Fraud Control Roundtable members are pivoting to track more outcomes-based metrics and building new reporting structures around them. Many members have also recognised the need for Fraud Departments to become more involved in the vulnerable customer journey given that vulnerable customers are often targeted victims of fraud.

When looking at Operations as a whole, roundtable members have common themes within their plans. At the recent Auriemma Consumer Duty Workshop, 92% of members indicated they intend to run new training plans under Consumer Duty with the goal of building awareness amongst the department and delivering pinpointed training on how the regulation will affect individual roles. Outcome testing is a primary focus for many with 70% of firms already having had outcome testing frameworks in place, and the remaining 30% having planned to implement it in the months leading up to the deadline.

“Although it is crucial that the industry makes specific changes to comply with the New Consumer Duty, we must not forget that the intention of this regulation is to trigger a cultural change not just act as a tick-box exercise,” says Stevens. “This is not just a cultural change at the company level either, but rather across the industry as a whole. Collaboration amongst firms is crucial not only to comply with the regulation but to ensure the best possible outcomes for customers.”

To assist in this change, Auriemma is excited to announce its newly launched Regulatory Compliance Roundtable, with the pilot meeting specifically covering Consumer Duty. The agenda will be participant-led but will likely cover early learnings post the go-live date, planned future changes, internal governance structures, third-party oversight models, MI & reporting usage and more.

“We’re really excited for this new group and the enthusiasm we’re already seeing behind it,” says Stevens. “We hope that the group can become an extension of firms’ Consumer Duty teams and help shape the future of how this regulation is successfully implemented within the industry.”

The meeting is scheduled for the 18th of October at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. If you or any of your colleagues are interested in attending as our guests, please contact us via roundtables@auriemma.group.

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