Uncovering opportunities in operational data

Auriemma gathers industry leaders to discuss the key issues facing the financial services sector today, including best practices, new regulations, industry pain points, and much more.  We offer several operations-focused groups in the financial services space.

All roundtables are UK-focused. For US-based groups, please click here.


Card Collections and Recoveries

This roundtable provides an opportunity for Collections Executives to discuss tactics, organizational structures, technologies, and regulatory interpretations, determine which options would have the greatest effect on loss prevention, and share best practices. The ideal participant is able to speak about collection strategy and their respective organisation’s risk appetite.

Card Customer Service and Complaints

Contact Centre Executives share best practices for improving operational efficiency, including various strategies related to agent performance, customer feedback trends, self-serve developments, technological advances, complaint handling processes and mitigating regulatory risk. This group provides members the tools to enhance the customer experience within each executive’s operation.

Card Fraud Control

Card Fraud Prevention Managers share their experiences with fraud and discuss the effectiveness of the containment solutions they have employed. Stay ahead of the fight against fraud by understanding industry trends and emerging threats. The roundtable discusses the different type of scams each member is being hit with, what to look out for and which tools have been effective in battling the fraudsters.

Debit Management

This roundtable provides a forum for key executives with debit product responsibility to share their experiences with digitisation, customer feedback trends, transaction processing, payment innovation, regulation and operations. Members have access to strategic insights and the opportunity to network with peers from other organisations and find solidarity in common challenges and emerging problems.

Benchmarking and Custom Surveys

Our roundtables give you the aggregated benchmark data you need to better understand the industry landscape. Participating members can interrogate their data and monitor their performance against peers on an ongoing basis. For companies with more niche questions, we offer custom surveys that poll members in between meetings. These touchpoints allow for constant engagement with Auriemma and provide a consistent flow of data to help members uncover industry best practices, react to ongoing and new regulation, share solutions for pain points and compare performance metrics.

Our surveys provide insight when no other data is available in the market or can act as a secondary check to internal findings—validating or disputing commonly held beliefs. Responses are delivered rapidly so you can integrate perspectives from your peers into the decision-making process.

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