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Declining Mental Health Takes Toll on Financial Services Operations

(London, UK) Absence and attrition rates are on the rise for front-line agents working in financial services. Mental health concerns are a primary driver, forcing financial service providers to address a once-taboo workplace subject. According to members of Auriemma Group’s Customer Service and Complaints Roundtable, mental health is frequently the cause for taking time off or […]

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Challenging Transition Ahead for Lenders as HMT Breathing Space and Payment-Holiday Conclusions Near

(London, UK) Collections Departments faced unprecedented challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, from embracing remote working to managing significant payment holiday volumes. And now, they must take action on HMT Breathing Space while transitioning from payment holidays. Auriemma Group’s Collections and Recoveries Roundtable has been discussing these events and their corresponding strategies amongst the UK’s top […]

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Rethinking Debt Collections: Give Up Outbound Dialling & Pick Up Digital Channels

(LONDON) – The debt collections space in the U.K. is ripe for disruption: As outbound dialling performance yields decreasing returns, lenders have an opportunity to explore other contact strategies. Over the last 18 months, core dialler performance metrics have deteriorated, according to Auriemma Roundtables data. A key indicator, right-party contact (RPC) rate, fell from 2.5% […]

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