Jonathan O’Connor

Senior Manager

Jonathan joined Auriemma in 2014 after obtaining an MFA in Writing from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He applied his written and visual communication skills in his role as Industry Roundtables Associate before transitioning to Auriemma’s Research practice in 2016. In his current role, Jonathan translates complex payments data into reports, infographics, and articles. He’s also taken his career to new places as co-manager of the firm’s brand strategy and social media efforts.

How does your background shape your perspective in your role at Auriemma?

My background is in writing and graphic design, which informs my approach to data storytelling and visualization. Transitioning to the Research team allowed those skills to shine. My job is to take complex ideas and distill them into messages that will resonate with clients. It’s a unique and exciting challenge to make data come alive for people.

How have professional relationships influenced your career at Auriemma?

When I think back to my supervisor relationships here I’ve always felt very supported in where I’ve wanted to take my career, even if it was outside what’s expected of me on paper. In my previous role on the Roundtables team, my supervisor pushed me to get involved in projects that aligned with my skills, even if they weren’t part of my day-to-day. She also supported and advocated for me in my transition to the Research team. The people here really care for their co-workers and want to see them succeed. If you express an interest in something outside your job role they’ll remember and turn to you when something comes up. It’s a huge positive.

Talk about the people at Auriemma.

When I come to work I look forward to seeing my co-workers. There’s a certain atmosphere here that’s very welcoming. It’s a place I like to work. Having people you trust, get along with, and who support you in your career – that’s important in any company and we have a good mix of it here.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’ve been swimming competitively for 25 years and recently made the transition from the pool to open water. Currently, I’m training to swim the 28 miles around Manhattan. Fun fact: I still swim at the beach in the winter. Snow, sleet, whatever!

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