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(London, UK) Widespread work-from-home started as an adaptation to COVID-19 but is here to stay. In Auriemma Group’s recent roundtable meetings financial institutions discussed long-term working models, all of which include some element of working from home. Their next challenge is developing a hybrid engagement model for their hybrid workforce.

Some have already taken then leap, and since implementing these hybrid models, Auriemma’s roundtable members received employee feedback that some feel less engaged and connected with the company. This, in conjunction with high attrition rates and challenging recruitment, means engagement strategies have become an area of focus.

Those who feel they have developed strong hybrid engagement models have focused on three areas: intentional scheduling, variety of choices and well-being considerations.

Intentional Scheduling

Firms strategically schedule location-appropriate activities when employees are onsite or working remotely. When onsite, firms try to have full teams concurrently present to build comradery and schedule more team-building activities like catered lunches and happy hours. When remote, roundtable members manage engagement via gamification and weekly competitions like step counts and quizzes.

“When managing a hybrid workforce, it is crucial that firms give equal treatment to employees regardless of on-or-offsite work,” says Louis Stevens, Director of Roundtables at Auriemma Group. “Otherwise, this can create a divide in the workforce and even lead to further attrition. Engagement models must cater to both demographics.”

Variety of Choices

Workforces are composed of a diverse mix of people with a diverse set of interests, which can make it challenging to find engagement activities that appeal to everyone. The solution? Including variety in the engagement offerings.

According to members, offerings should cater to both extroverts and introverts alike. One firm developed a successful monthly engagement programme for its employees, which allowed them to choose from a variety of activities like cocktail making classes and sporting events.

Well-Being Considerations

As part of their engagement strategies, financial institutions have incorporated well-being initiatives to protect the mental health of their employees. Initiatives vary from providing access to therapists to scheduling inspirational speakers and allotting weekly personal time in schedules.

30% of Auriemma Customer Service and Complaints Roundtable members have intentionally increased off-phone time for front-line agents since the start of the pandemic as a means of dedicating more time to employee well-being. Employees have the choice to use this time as they wish whether that be for professional development or something like meditation or yoga. Since implementing, firms have seen an improvement in productivity levels.

Auriemma’s roundtable members are still developing their engagement strategies. New developments and learnings will be discussed in depth at the upcoming Collections and Recoveries Roundtable meeting on the 9th and 10th of June in Edinburgh, as well at the Customer Service and Complaints Roundtable meeting on the 16th and 17th of June, also in Edinburgh.

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