Uncovering opportunities in operational data

Communities that push operations forward

Operations executives gather with peers to share best practices, learn how to solve high priority issues, and discuss what they need to be prepared for in the future. Our members can rely on the roundtable community to help them solve their most complex problems, challenge thinking and engage in healthy debates regarding the future of operations.

Members that lean in

Our model puts members in the driver’s seat. They ask critical questions. They approach issues and data with intellectual curiosity. And they challenge established thinking. In return, roundtable members get innovative strategies and real ROI.

Growing your network

Executives who join us quickly expand their professional network and become more self-assured and impactful in their roles.

Benchmarking & custom surveys made simple

CASTER, our benchmarking platform, gives you the comparisons you need, across a spectrum of essential KPI’s – via our secure, easy-to-use online portal. Members influence the metrics collected, and share their data regularly, with anonymized reports sent to all those who participated. Custom surveys provide another outlet for data collection. Auriemma works with its members to develop niche survey questions sent out on an ad hoc basis that provide key data between meetings.

Answers to real-time problems in real-time

In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex environment there are always fresh challenges to work through. From normal day-to-day disruptions to data breaches global pandemics, new market entrants, and regulatory change, Auriemma is there to discuss it all. Our community can provide crisis management forums for companies navigating market-changing events, but also help with the more common problems you face everyday.

Executive Meetings

2-3 times a year

In-person, multi-day meetings give members access to peer organizations in an independent and professionally-facilitated setting.

Value-Add Activities


Auriemma monitors critical issues confronting members. Our team of industry practitioners is available for data analysis, industry advocacy, and ongoing support.

Custom Surveys


On-demand peer group surveys give members quick industry feedback on critical and time-sensitive issues.

Proprietary Benchmarking

Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually

With the most comprehensive operational data in the industry, our benchmarks help firms compare KPIs and identify trends.

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