The industry leader in building winning partnerships

We’re an industry leader because we give our clients a wider field of vision – into the competitive landscape and the consumer’s perspective. Here’s how we’re different:

We speak your language.

We’re not career consultants. Our team comes from issuers, networks, and some of the world’s most-admired brands. Our clients value our advice and like working with us. Just ask them.

We bring unmatched expertise.

With experience across the payments industry and expertise in marketing, operations, finance, and risk, we know what factors drive successful partnerships – and how to build programs where everyone wins together.

We revolutionized payments.

Auriemma created some of the first co-branded credit card alliances more than 30 years ago – and we’re still innovating today. Our unprecedented history and deep expertise help us create new breakthroughs for our clients in every engagement.

Our partner selection process is different.

We understand all the different perspectives in partnerships, and we use that knowledge to structure and negotiate the industry’s most successful programs. Our partner selection process places your corporate values and strategic objectives above all else.

We know how to win deals.

We wish we could tell you about all the deals we’ve helped issuers and networks win. Unfortunately, we can’t. But we can tell you we’ve had a 75% success rate over the past five years and helped our clients to win some of the industry’s most fiercely contested deals.

Auriemma Partnerships helps clients win by going beyond deal economics. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their unique strengths. We help interpret what your prospect is looking for in a partner. And we help you respond in a way that makes you stand out in a crowded market.

Our data and network are your competitive advantage.

Auriemma is a partner with access to industry-leading market data and intelligence that informs our point of view. That includes access to a members-only community of brands challenging established thinking in areas like value proposition development, customer acquisition strategy, customer service, and emerging technology.

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