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Our services help clients optimize their portfolios and the capital they deploy in their business. Auriemma Finance offers a range of solutions to build long-term business value.

Portfolio Valuations

Consumer finance portfolios don’t have observable market prices and trade infrequently. Determining value requires subjective assessments and complex modeling. Our team knows what’s happening in the industry and has the market knowledge to value your assets. That deep expertise drives more realistic market values our clients can actually achieve.

Examples of our recent work:

  • Auriemma Finance has performed an annual portfolio valuation for a specialty credit card issuer’s board of directors for more than a decade.
  • We performed a multi-segmented valuation of a card issuer’s entire business, including several co-brand relationships, and evaluated multiple sale combinations.
  • Auriemma Finance assessed valuations performed by two third-party appraisers for a specialty card issuer.
  • A major card issuer selling a portfolio at the request of its brand partner hired Auriemma for the valuation.


For both buyers and sellers, credit card M&A starts with an understanding of current market value. But in an illiquid market, value is in the eye of the beholder. Auriemma Finance unlocks the intrinsic value of a portfolio and creates additional value through our creative and innovative transaction agreements.

Examples of our recent work:

  • Auriemma Finance sold a segment of a regional bank’s credit card portfolio in six months at a significant premium. We helped the seller rationalize its core operating platform, achieve a significant capital boost from the sale, and better align its portfolio with the bank’s strategic objectives.
  • We helped a captive auto finance lender sell its credit card business at a significant premium, defying expectations about the value of the portfolio in the process.
  • A major international hedge fund hired Auriemma to conduct due diligence on a specialty credit card issuer to support its potential equity investment.
  • A major airline hired Auriemma to assist with the sale of its co-branded credit card portfolio.
  • A major regional bank and a specialty card issuer were interested in acquiring a large co-branded credit card portfolio, but neither party could complete the acquisition individually. Auriemma Finance demonstrated how to combine the bank’s capital with the card issuer’s capabilities and align their risk appetites. The structure proved so compelling the parties decided to retain it for other future acquisitions.

Other Services

Beyond portfolio valuations and M&A, Auriemma Finance supports clients in a range of areas including:

  • Performing ad-hoc modeling work in support of financial consulting engagements.
  • Arranging corporate debt facilities and advising on equity capital transactions.
  • Simplifying complex bank regulatory capital issues, including the treatment of goodwill and intangible assets associated with credit card M&A.
  • Providing an understanding of consumer market data and behaviors to fintech companies and other new market entrants.

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