Embracing innovation to unlock capital

The conventional wisdom is that finance and regulatory accounting issues are black and white. At Auriemma Finance, we know that’s not the case. Organizations that work with us benefit from a strategic partner who understands the rules and knows where to find superior value. The outcome for clients? More innovative strategies, more accurate valuations, and new sources of capital and funding for your business.

Here’s how we’re different:

We’re specialists, not generalists.

At Auriemma Finance, we’re not a jack of all trades. But we are a master of one: capital markets for consumer finance. Our team has decades of experience across the financial services value chain – as card issuers, servicers, and bankers. With deep industry expertise, we know how to think outside the box, how to navigate regulation and financial markets, and where to look for the highest economic value.

With us, what you see is what you get.

Corporate finance transactions require deep focus and expertise. And yet, at many of our competitors, senior executives pitch for business and spend little or no time on deal execution. At Auriemma, our Managing Directors source – and execute – every engagement. Your Auriemma advisor is an industry thought leader and single point of contact from start to finish. We don’t deploy an army of analysts or hand off work to junior staff.

We embrace creative thinking.

We know every transaction is unique, and that even the most conventional client project can give way to unexpected complexity. That’s why we create bespoke strategies for every engagement and bring a range of creative solutions that generate value. When obstacles arise, we keep pushing to find alternative ways to free up capital and achieve your strategic objectives.

We make the complex simple.

Accounting and regulatory capital guidelines are in a state of constant change. We help our clients think about portfolio growth, capital allocation, and credit risk in the context of changing market forces. We deliver clear analytical models and transparent, easy-to-understand options.

Our capabilities are grounded in Auriemma’s data and network.

Clients get special access to Auriemma’s market data and intelligence – from our operational benchmarking and cardholder research to our decades of experience working with both issuers and merchants. The insights we deliver come from our data, network, and deep understanding of the competitive landscape. All to help our clients make great decisions.

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